“Recordings done on a 4-track tape recording machine in 2002 and 2003”- The Goldeneyes Bandcamp

These are the earliest recordings by the band that are known to exist, they likely hadn’t even settled on a name at the time some of these recordings were created. They were never released publicly by the band and were first heard when The Goldeneyes (Scott, Mike & Matt) released remasters of their tracks from these tapes in 2021. Though Dallon Weekes tracks were not included as he was not involved in the project.

A disc of the original mixes was later obtained revealing the full track list, showing just how much the band was experimenting at the time. With 3 front men with varying musical styles the band laid the foundation that would become The Brobecks collaborative style.

Mike Gross features vocally for the first time ever on the track Creep You Out, which would go on to become one of The Brobecks stand out tracks. Dallon Weekes first recorded song writing for the band shows that iconic tracks like Boring & Ollie were already on their minds, even if we wouldn’t see them fully developed for a few years. Scott Jones contributes many great classic rock tracks, bridging the gap between their new project and 1000 West where Jones wrote most of the material. All of these styles together would culminate in the founding members debut project The 4th Of JuLive.

Even though these recordings were likely never intended for release at all there is still a hidden track stuck to the end of the last track, Kalee (Live), it’s called Nonsense. On the remaster of these recordings they are separate tracks. Why add a hidden track to something nobody was gonna hear? Fun, and now we can enjoy it.

The recording of Creep You Out found on these tapes has an accompanying “Music Video” that is about 5 minutes of Scott Jones doing strange things in front of a blanket. (to be hosted and linked to later)

The track American Stan on these tapes is likely carried over from the bands 1000 West days, as late archives of the 1000 West website from 2001 show an mp3 by the same name was available. It’s possible they put that same recording on this release but as it’s verifiably from at least 2001 and these 4-Track Tapes seem to be from Late 2002 – Early 2003 I’m going to assume there was an earlier recording. No promises though.

Release Date: N/A
Scott JonesVocals, Guitar & Keyboard
Dallon WeekesVocals, Bass & Guitar
Mike GrossVocals & Guitar
Matt GlassDrums, Programming
Recording, Mixing

Note: Tracks primarily featuring the vocals & writing of Dallon Weekes are excluded, as these recordings were never released by the band.

320kbps MP3Download
1Creep You OutMike Gross
2Anyone I KnowDallon Weekes
3IdahoScott Jones
4FrequentlyScott Jones
5Angel EyesScott Jones
6It Takes One To Know OneScott Jones
7Not KnowingScott Jones
8American StanScott Jones
9BoringDallon Weekes
10OllieDallon Weekes
11Please Don’t JumpDallon Weekes
12Alone (Live Acoustic)Scott Jones
13Kalee (Live)Scott Jones
13.5NonsenseScott Jones