The 4th of JuLive was recorded live on July 4th 2003 and was set to be The Brobecks first album release through Shoshin Productions. However, soon after recording the record Scott Jones departed from the band, taking the songs he wrote for it with him. The remaining Brobecks decided to scrap the record, deciding that their first release should be a totally different experience than their live shows. What remained of the album without Scotts material was posted to The Brobecks page as a few free downloads and a print on demand CD.

Shortly after the album was uploaded to their page, the site was shut down. Due to it only being available there and the time it was up for the album became lost media, not seeing the light of day until 2020 when some say a strange teenager from the Pacific Northwest finally annoyed Matt & Mike enough to dig up the album from their archives and release it back into the world.

The cover art for this release comes from an image Matt Glass made in 2002 titled ‘Brobecks Family Portrait’, which in itself featured an image of The Brobecks with their heads torn off. The album artwork used for this release is a recreation of it by Jules as the highest quality version of the original we have is very low quality.

Downloads for this album are locked to 128kbps currently as the only files we have are from exports, even finding an original CD from the site would result in the same.

This album’s track order is inconsistent among even official sources; the bands website has it one way, the CDr copies made in 2020 for archival purposes have it another, and we can’t even begin to speculate on what the full tracklist order with Scott’s songs was like. We went with the order on the CDr copy we have.

This album received a remaster when The Goldeneyes (Mike Gross, Matt Glass & Scott Jones) decided to spruce up some old recordings in 2021, though Dallon Weekes was not involved in the project so his tracks were not remastered. However Scott Jones tracks were present on the remaster unlike the original albums release, so you lose some you win some.

Thanks to the remaster by The Goldeneyes we know which tracks of Scotts were cut from the album, though we do not technically have the original versions. Who cares? (Sledbed)

AloneScott Jones
Angel EyesScott Jones
Falling DownScott Jones
Gifford NielsonScott Jones
KaleeScott Jones
Release Date: N/A
Scott JonesGuitar, Vocals & Piano
Mike GrossGuitar & Vocals
Dallon WeekesBass & Vocals
Matt GlassDrums & Production
Casey DurransGuitar
128kbps MP3Download
1Sloppy SecondsMike Gross
2LucindaMike Gross
3The Cowboy SongMike Gross
4Creep You OutMike Gross
5Didn’t Mean ToDallon Weekes
6I’d Be A PunkDallon Weekes
7DowntownMike Gross
7.5Human ShoeMatt Glass