The 4th of JuLive was recorded live on July 4th 2003 and was set to be The Brobecks first album release through Shoshin Productions. However, soon after recording the record Scott Jones departed from the band, taking the songs he wrote for it with him. The remaining Brobecks decided to scrap the record, deciding that their first release should be a totally different experience than their live shows. What remained of the album without Scotts material was posted to The Brobecks page as a few free downloads and a print on demand CD.

Shortly after the album was uploaded to their page, the site was shut down. Due to it only being available there for a limited time the album became lost media, not seeing the light of day until 2020 when some say a strange teenager from the Pacific Northwest finally annoyed Matt & Mike enough to dig up the album from their archives and release it back into the world. Now everyone say thank you Matt Glass.

This albums cover art was first seen on Matt’s DeviantArt where a version without text was shared on July 6th, 2003, called Brobecks Family Portrait, “It’s just an idea for a CD cover for a band I am in.” Thanks to this high quality original being shared Jules was able to construct a 1:1 recreation of the cover art after identifying the fonts used. This was done as the original cover art we have is very low quality.

This album received a remaster when The Goldeneyes (Mike Gross, Matt Glass & Scott Jones) decided to spruce up some old recordings in 2021. This was the first time anyone had heard Scotts tracks off the album, the original mixes were obtained later. Dallons tracks were not present on this remaster as he was not involved in the project.

The track list for the complete version of this album with Scotts tracks included can only be guessed at, as the disc we have has the tracks jumbled up. We have included Scotts cut tracks as a bonus download that slots them in at the end of the album, so it can be experienced both as originally intended by the band and as you actually would have experienced it on

This release features a hidden track, at the end of Downtown after some silence the song Human Shoe by Matt Glass plays. The original files show this was always the intention and very likely featured on the release of this album.

1:1 recreation of the cover art done by Jules
Release Date: N/A
Scott JonesLead Guitar, Vocals & Piano
Mike GrossGuitar & Vocals
Dallon WeekesBass & Vocals
Matt GlassDrums & Production
Casey DurransGuitar

Bonus = Scotts cut tracks, they will slot in at the end of the album

CompleteCD Rip w/log*Download
Original320kbps MP3Download
Bonus320kbps MP3Download

*The CD Rips track list is jumbled up as that’s how it’s burned on our only source. To keep the log accurate we did not alter it at all.

1LucindaMike Gross
2Sloppy SecondsMike Gross
3Creep You OutMike Gross
4The Cowboy SongMike Gross
5Didn’t Mean ToDallon Weekes
6I’d Be a PunkDallon Weekes
7DowntownMike Gross

Former band member Scott Jones wrote 5 songs for this album but left the band after they were recorded, these tracks were not included on the limited release the album had but did later make their way out.

1AloneScott Jones
2Angel EyesScott Jones
3Falling DownScott Jones
4Gifford NielsonScott Jones
5KaleeScott Jones
Original image used for the cover art