This track was recorded live over 4th Of July weekend 2003 and was present on the albums full CD release that was available from, as well as a free download on The Brobecks first website for a period of time. Due to this the track as well as the entire album became lost media when was shut down until 2020 when the album was released again by previous band members. This recording was later remastered by The Goldeneyes (Scott, Mike & Matt).

Take some and free it up, take some time but you don’t give up
Carve your name in a tree, carve your name inside of me
It don’t hurt at all (x2)
Take a walk down the street, brand new shoes on your feet
All I’ve got is me, and all you’ve got is free
Too bad it won’t last (x2)

> Sloppy Seconds (The 4th Of JuLive)

> Sloppy Seconds (Matt Remix) / Sloppy Fifths

> Sloppy Seconds (Understanding The Brobecks)

> Sloppy Seconds (JuLive Remaster)
> Sloppy Seconds (Whisperhawk Tape Recorder)

> Sloppy Seconds (UTB 2024 Mix)

> Garage Performance #1 (April 6th 2004)
> Garage Performance #2 (September 30th 2004)
> Garage Performance #2 Remaster (September 30th 2004)

Sloppy Seconds
Release:The 4th Of JuLive
Officially Released?Yes
Highest Quality:128kbps
Mike GrossVocals, Guitar
Dallon WeekesBass, Backing Vox
Scott JonesLead Guitar, Backing Vox
Matt GlassDrums
This recording was available on The Brobecks original website.