This recording was originally heard in the form of a remix on Understanding The Brobecks Step 1: (EP), then called Sloppy Seconds (Matt Remix) later retitled to Sloppy Fifths and released on Remixing The Brobecks Vol. 1. There will be a test on this, could you put your phone down?

Take some and free it up, take some time but you don’t give up
Carve your name in a tree, carve your name inside of me
It don’t hurt at all (x2)
Take a walk down the street, brand new shoes on your feet
All I’ve got is me, and all you’ve got is free
Too bad it won’t last (x2)

> Sloppy Seconds (The 4th Of JuLive)

> Sloppy Seconds (Matt Remix) / Sloppy Fifths

> Sloppy Seconds (Understanding The Brobecks)

> Sloppy Seconds (JuLive Remaster)
> Sloppy Seconds (Whisperhawk Tape Recorder)

> Sloppy Seconds (UTB 2024 Mix)

> Garage Performance #1 (April 6th 2004)
> Garage Performance #2 (September 30th 2004)
> Garage Performance #2 Remaster (September 30th 2004)

Sloppy Seconds
Release:Understanding The Brobecks
Officially Released?Yes
Highest Quality:Lossless CD FLAC
Mike GrossVocals, Guitar
Dallon WeekesBass, Backing Vox
Bryan SzymanskiKeyboard
Matt GlassDrums