This recording was made by the band some time in late 2002 or early 2003 on a 4-Track tape recorder. It features both the vocals & writing of Scott Jones.

This is a hidden track included on the 4-Track tapes on the end of the song Kalee (Live), these tracks were remastered separately for The Goldeneyes release.

This track was remastered by The Goldeneyes (Scott Jones, Matt Glass & Mike Gross) in 2021 with the rest of the 4-Track Tapes (minus Dallons tracks) and the original mix was not obtained until 2024.

[Simply ordered, single night?] I went to cub scouts
And learned how to tie and learned how to rope
And then I learned how to make a fire
Fire [unintelligible], he’s by himself
Strange, stranger, stranger, strangle, I hope I don’t
When I’m in the angle, right on the time
I think it was the rhyme, that termination terminate
terminology term insurance, terminus & terminally
Ew, that’s what I am, tenured tenure and I was, alone in the time
We are all alone, by ourselves without no phone [x2]
Everything seems to be strange, I don’t know where I am
The light is dark, and I am [?], I am sin
Inside a little house with no moon
And I want to look out and see the full moon rising
And the moonbeam [unintelligible] and moon fish
Moon flower, lady of the lake, I want you to hand me that rake
So I can get these leaves up in the air [unintelligible], In Monte Carlo
We are all alone, with no friends and no phone
We are all alone, with no friends and we have no phone
Everything seems to be mended mending or meaningless, I can’t find the meaning to this
I want to walk on up the street, I want to find a little piece of meat
Chicken broccoli I don’t know, I think we need to get a
Candle show in the water slide, and I could get a towel and dry off
Until I’m wet and then run up and take my dog to the vet
He needs his shots, because he has the measles [unintelligible]
We are all alone, with no friends, we have no phone
We are all alone, with no friends, we have no phone
Everything’s strange, minds deranged, help me out of this
I’m stuck inside some cheese, it’s swiss there’s holes in it
I’m poking my head through the swiss, there’s holes in it [x3], Romano
Ulcerate and [unintelligible into infinite mouth noises]
Ulcers in my pancreas, she’s the lady of the lake
[Several minutes of Brobecks banter and more noises]
I’ll kill you, I’ve done it before

> Nonsense (4-Track Tapes)
> Nonsense (4-Track Tape Remaster)


Release:4-Track Tapes
Officially Released?No
Highest Quality:CD Rip
Mike GrossGuitar, Backing Vox
Dallon WeekesBass, Backing Vox
Scott JonesVocals, Lead Guitar
Matt GlassDrums