“May 14th, 2004: It’s official. The Brobecks have begun recording their second album. A new section is now available on the web page. It will be a detailed (sort of) account of our recording progress. There are photos there so… Go“

With the band’s first album done so far ahead of the release schedule, The Brobecks had plenty of time to toy around with new material, even before announcing the recording of their second album the band had already shown off new songs with live recordings and even a remix of one, a habit carried over from their first EP.

After the album’s announcement work began immediately, The band kept people updated on the process of every track and even gave insight into the working tracklist and title of the album as time went on. Pictures were provided on almost every update though sadly only some thumbnails of them remain.

After ditching their previous label The Brobecks needed a new one to publish their second album with and to take care of printing CDs. They partnered with Neverbreak Records, a local label that also housed fellow local artist ‘Alsoran’. Neverbreak Records CDs were notably higher quality than those that Shoshin Productions provided. It is unknown when The Brobecks partnered with the label and when they stopped working with them due to incomplete archives of websites and the band making no announcement about it.

The album finished production on December 2nd 2004, they then finished printing up CDs and set a date for the CD release show. It took place on January 22nd 2005 at Kilby Court at 7PM with the bands ‘Tolchock Trio’, ‘Sev vs. Evan’ and ‘Murietta’, entry was $5. After that CDs could be bought on The Brobecks website for $10 (+$2.50 Shipping).

This album was originally titled ‘The Happiest Nuclear Winter’ which is shown on early versions of its webpage and in the recording log when they first announced the albums name. The album would later be released without the prefix however they still reffered to it with it on their website.

Premixes of the songs ‘Better Than Me’ and ‘You Stole My Head’ were made available on the band’s website in 2004 to give fans something to listen to, they were also hosted on the ‘Nuclear Sunshine Productions’ website as samples to advertise Matt Glass & Mike Gross’s short lived recording studio. These mixes were said to differ greatly from the final versions of these songs however to this day they remain the only Brobecks songs ever publicly released to remain lost as they were not archived and band members seem to have trouble finding them. The band also released a remix of the song Ollie at the same time titled ‘Ollie Wins’ carrying on their tradition of releasing remixes of tracks before the original work is released.

Just like for the band’s first album Matt Glass thought it would be interesting to document the recording process in more than just writing. Documenting The Brobecks part 2 was created over the course of 2004, though it differed slightly from the first part and had less content. Though the full Documentary is still lost parts of it remain on Matt Glass’s youtube channel, some behind-the-scenes footage and an impromptu music video for the song ‘Everyone’s a Jerk’

It’s worth noting that the physical copies of this album feature instrumental transition tracks at the end of some songs. These are all clips of other songs by Matt Glass and Bryan Szymanski. These transition tracks were not present on the digital files of songs the band shared on their website, however nowadays 99% of the files for this album shared around online are sourced from CDs anyways (mostly for audio quality purposes) so the exclusivity is effectively nonexistent.

The liner notes for this albums CD contain a typo, it states “All songs by Written, Arranged and Recorded by us.” Alternatively this is not a typo and the entire album was written by someone named Written. It doesn’t even sound like a word anymore.

Unlike The Brobecks first release where writing credits were clearly defined between Mike and Dallon on this album The Brobecks took a more collaborative approach, With Dallon saying in an interview “Weekes: But on this one, every song is credited to The Brobecks. There’s not a single song that each of us didn’t help write some how. We also did a lot more on the production end of things.” In keeping with this we’ve omitted writing credits on this album, including only vocal credits (use your brains on song ownership stuff here, I think that’s pretty clear in the modern day)

Release Date: January 22nd 2005
Dallon WeekesBass & Vocals
Mike GrossGuitar & Vocals
Matt GlassDrums & Production
Bryan SzymanskiKeyboard & Piano
CD Rip (100% w/Log)Download
320kbps MP3Download
1C’mon VietnamDallon Weekes
2Better Than MeDallon Weekes
3Everyone’s A JerkMike Gross
4One Minute Of FunMatt Glass
5You Stole My HeadMike Gross
5.5Cancer Can 13N/A
6OllieDallon Weekes
6.5Song Test 3 (Remix)N/A
7A LetterMatt Glass
8And Shoot The SunMike Gross
8.5Desolate (3)N/A
9BoringDallon Weekes
9.5Badly Made MovieN/A
10File Code #1459Mike Gross
11Die AloneDallon Weekes
12She’s A RobotMike Gross
12.5Desolate (1)N/A