This track is mentioned in the very first entry in the Happiest Nuclear Winter recording log as File Code #1459, despite this the original lyric sheet for the song Mike wrote titles the song File Code #4152, why did it change? Nobody will ever know. When asked about the title Mike said it was just named after a scrap of paper he found on the ground.
On July 22nd 2005 they wrote “The original version of File Code #1459 was deemed to slow and was scrapped. Matt, Mike and Dallon recorded their parts for the new version, which sounds much better already.” While this scrapped version was never shared by the band back then it would later be shared by Mike Gross.

I want to bite your cheek, I want to kiss your teeth, to make you feel so weird
I want to be the one, to make this come undone, to make you feel uncomfortable
I am the king, of very foolish things, just you wait and see
I will freak you out, make you scream and shout, until it’s time to go
Now that we’re alone, there is no place like home, for me to let you down
I’m the kind of creep, who’ll leave you on the street, love me or I’ll hurt you
I’ll take your love, I’ll chew and spit it up, I’m trying hard to hurt you (x2)

> File Code #1459 (Scrapped Version)
> File Code #1459 (Happiest Nuclear Winter)

> New Years Special (January 1st 2004)
> Live On 105.7 (March 14th 2004)

File Code #1459
Release:Happiest Nuclear Winter
Officially Released?Yes
Highest Quality:CD FLAC
Mike GrossVocals, Guitar
Dallon WeekesBass, Backing Vocals
Matt GlassDrums
Bryan SzymanskiKeyboard