It’s unknown when this song was written but it was first shown off at a performance in The Brobecks garage on April 6th 2004, shortly before the band began recording Happiest Nuclear Winter.

Good morning Vietnam, how you doing?
It’s me your favorite son (idk what he says here)
Set up your weapons in the snow
C’mon Vietnam, Let’s go
Your tracer bullets fly through December
You get cold fusion, nuclear war
You know that I will miss the screams, oh the screaming
That decorate your nights, with laser beams
Now the Vietcong and I, you know that we don’t wanna die
You get your crazy violent nights and help us know
Though you may not know our names, but we love you still the same
C’mon, C’mon Vietnam, Let’s Go

> C’mon Vietnam (Happiest Nuclear Winter)

> Garage Performance #1 (April 6th 2004)

C’mon Vietnam
Release:Happiest Nuclear Winter
Officially Released?Yes
Highest Quality:CD FLAC
Mike GrossGuitar, backing vocals
Dallon WeekesVocals, Bass
Matt GlassDrums
Bryan SzymanskiKeyboard