This track was uniquely completely made by the bands drummer Matt Glass, it was originally an instrumental first shared as “One Minute Of Fun +2” and was 3:25 long before being mixed down into this spoken word artsy track

Welcome to the nuclear sunshine research family
Our facilities stand on 18 acres of lush artificial grass and plant life
We pride ourselves on our respect for our surroundings
And have several environmental awareness classes available
Should you feel the need to pitch in
As you walk through our campus, you’ll see several smoke stacks
Don’t worry, those gasses won’t hurt you, we don’t think
Our waste management system is located near the east wing
Its filtering system allows yesterdays waste to become todays drinking water
Drink up Timmy
If you’ve ever wondered, “What Does radiation do?”
The only way we can answer this is of course by letting you breathe in the toxic chemical we call energy
We think you’ll find it refreshing
And you’ll long to make nuclear energy a part of your everyday life
The future is now

> One Minute Of Fun (Happiest Nuclear Winter)
> One Minute Of Fun +1/+2/+3

> None but I’d be very interested in seeing them do it

One Minute Of Fun
Release:Happiest Nuclear Winter
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