This recording was originally heard in the form of a remix before the band even officially began recording their second album, She’s a Robot V2.0 was released on March 3rd 2004 on Remixing The Brobecks Vol. 1. According to old show reviews The Brobecks used to open shows with this song but no surviving live recordings are known to exist. On physical copies of Happiest Nuclear Winter there is a hidden track appended to the end of She’s a Robot, it is Desolate: Movement 1 by the bands drummer Matt Glass.

Isn’t it a fact? Mother broke her back
I know it breaks you up, we’re always breaking up
Mission not complete, cause you’re still on your feet
You’re gonna get what’s coming, you always get what’s coming
All of you, all of me too
She’s a robot (x4)
This is just a test, emergency broadcast
You can’t turn the station, you can never turn the station
All of you, all of me too
She’s a robot (x4)

> She’s a Robot (Happiest Nuclear Winter)
> She’s a Robot (Whisperhawk Tape Recorder)

> I Wish 🙁

She’s a Robot
Release:Happiest Nuclear Winter
Officially Released?Yes
Highest Quality:CD FLAC
Mike GrossVocals, Guitar
Dallon WeekesBass, Backing Vocals
Matt GlassDrums
Bryan SzymanskiKeyboard