Welcome to The Brobecks Wiki. A very long time ago the band themselves used this domain, so we found it fitting to host the wiki here as a sort of memorial to the project. This place is a massive work in progress worked on when I have the time, I have incredibly basic web dev knowledge so this place is gonna look like an old geocities while we prioritize getting all the information down before we make it look pretty.

Site Last Updated: June 25th

Most of our focus has been on the discography archive, cause most people come here to learn about music…from a band…who knew. I do plan on starting on our media archive too sometime soon, but right now we’re watching and waiting to see what the future of The Brobecks holds.

Note: This website is an archive run by fans and is in no way official, no copyright infringement is intended. We are simply doing our best to keep this bands history as accessible as possible for fans old and new to discover more about this project. If those associated with the band would like this domain back at some point our contact information is in the ‘About Us’ tab

Stuff that’s the most complete/interesting