Hey there and welcome to The Brobecks Wiki, a long long time ago this domain used to be the bands own website but the band has a little affliction called being dead now so we’re using this to host the wiki! Now all fans old and new can read up om their favorite old SLC act…well later. This place is a massive work in progress that’s why it looks like a 12yos first geocities, I don’t know web design but i’m trying. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Our contact info is in the About Us tab.

January 23rd 2024

had a thought, some things in their discography don’t have official cover art, and while for demo discs and stuff like that we can use just scans of the disc or other more official things perhaps holding a design contest for some things on the wiki might be interesting. maybe, maybe not, who knows

January 21st 2024

The sites pages are looking better on desktop and mobile than they ever have before, joyous day. Still getting placeholder pages for everything setup then I will focus entirely on completing everything in the discography page, bios page and media page in that order. Time takes time, in the meantime sign up for our non existent mailing list and we can all pretend it’s 2003. To give you an idea of future plans all individual iterations of songs will have their own pages (even if theres really not a lot to say about them specifically). I’m also working on getting tabs/chords and all that stuff for songs. I’m not much of a musician myself though so right now they’re few and far between. Wanna contribute tab stuff for tracks? hit me up.

January 18th 2024

Sleds a huge massive dummy and in the process of trying to switch the whole site over to the new domain…kinda killed everything because he forgot to make a wordpress backup and assumed hostinger would copy over everything :(. it’s okay though, it won’t take me long to get back to where we were and I have more experience now. I should be done by the end of the night getting back to the state we were in

The Before Times

Back when this website was thebrobeckswiki.com and not brobecks.com Sledbed tried a bunch of layouts and tests to see how he wanted to get this information across. Sadly ultimately he had to sacrifice the super cool file folder layout the site had (that emulated the brobecks own old websites) in the interest of something that is a bit more compatible between browsers and most importantly is able to be used on mobile where the majority of people will access the site. So right now it’s gonna look like babies first geocities for awhile, Sledbed apologizes for this place not being beautiful. The good news is the Wiki is now hosted on the same domain The Brobecks themselves used to use! Brobecks.com is back baby!