On the bandcamp page for this track Dallon writes “She never did end up letting me be one…”

Before we save the future, we’ve got to bring the past
Like Bill & Ted’s adventure it was excellent at best
And everyone who was there was really happy that they passed
I know I’m not your kind of guy but please don’t just reject me
I’ve never gotten drunk but I’d be a punk if my mom would let me
And everyone except for you knows that we’d be really good
I’d be a punk if my mom would let me (x4)
It’s all true

> I’d Be a Punk (2003 Demo Disc)

> I’d Be a Punk (The 4th Of JuLive)

> I’d Be a Punk (Understanding The Brobecks)

> New Years Special (January 1st 2004)

I’d Be a Punk
Release:Understanding The Brobecks
Officially Released?Yes
Highest Quality:Lossless CD FLAC
Mike GrossGuitar, Backing Vox
Dallon WeekesVocals, Bass
Bryan SzymanskiKeyboard
Matt GlassDrums