After scrapping The 4th Of JuLive The Brobecks decided they wanted their first release to be a totally different experience from their live shows and immediately started work on the album Understanding The Brobecks. To give fans something to listen to in the meantime The Brobecks released an EP containing some of the tracks they were working on, and some fun bonuses just because. This EP was released to the bands page and sold on CDrs at shows for $1.

All that said this is to this day the one release by the band that’s never been found in its original state, we have pieced together the tracklist from other sources (Though the mixing may be different on some tracks from what was on the EP) however nobody has ever found the original files or a copy of the CDr they sold at shows. Obtaining these things would clear up a lot of questions about this release and likely raise the quality we have these things in so if you happen to have a source on this please contact us in the ‘About Us’ tab.

On the bands original website the page for this EP has an interesting quirk. Where the tracklist is laid out, just above the first track is the text ‘Introduction’ in italics. This seems to imply there was a introduction track to the EP (likely instrumental as no writer credit is given) though the text could also just be “introducing” the tracklist that follows. We have no idea, the band members have no idea (and that was like 20 years ago) so please if you have this EP rip it and let all of our questions be answered

Aside from the tracks that made it onto the album, the bonus tracks “So Young” and “Sloppy Seconds (Matt Remix)” (later retitled “Sloppy Fifths”) were also included, with So Young being a short acoustic guitar track written by Dallon, and Sloppy Seconds being a track written by Mike that Matt then remixed.

According to Casey Durrans this EP was mixed by Matt and Mike, and then listened to in Mikes car to get an accurate idea of how most people would be hearing it. Look at those smart professional musicians.

Release Date: Sept. 7th 2003
Dallon WeekesVocals & Bass
Mike GrossVocals & Guitar
Matt GlassDrums & Production
Bryan SzymanskiKeyboard & Piano
Casey DurransGuitar
2Good Girls (2003)Mike Gross
3Monday MorningDallon Weekes & Scott Jones
4Hey You (2003)Mike Gross
5So YoungDallon Weekes
6Sloppy Seconds (Matt Remix)Mike Gross