“Demos recorded in 2003 mostly by Scott Jones, Dallon Weekes, and Michael Gross in a variety of random places. Matt Glass appears on drums on a couple of songs (the songs where the drumming is good)” – The Goldeneyes Bandcamp

These demos were likely recorded around May/June 2003, and are not currently thought to have ever been publicly shared by the band. It’s possible they were sold at very early shows but these recordings are never mentioned on the bands website.

They feature a greater focus on backing vocals and acapella segments than later iterations of these tracks, likely due to recording limitations as these seem to be semi live recordings, if not full live performances.

Most of these tracks show up on later releases, with exceptions being Don’t Fade and Another Lover. Both of these tracks were originally written by Mike Gross but sung by Scott Jones, which likely contributed to why they weren’t recorded after his departure from the band.

This demo disc received a remaster by The Goldeneyes (Scott, Mike & Matt) in 2021. Falling Down, Poison and I’d Be a Punk were excluded from this remaster for various reasons.

Track 1, Falling Down, is corrupted on all known sources of these files. This is why the track was omitted from the remaster, as the majority of it is silence aside from the last 30 seconds or so. The file is still provided here as is for archival purposes, though it’s not from a lossless rip.

This discs cover of Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe is also absent from The Goldeneyes remaster, potentially due to worries about copyright, or because of Dallon Weekes vocal presence, as he was not involved in the project.

There’s not a lot to write about this one, how do you write the plural of Demo? Demo’s? No, The apostrophe implies “Demo is”. Demos? That just looks wrong. Demoes? Even worse. I could google the proper thing to do but I won’t.

Release Date: N/A
Scott JonesVocals, Guitar, Keys, Drums
Dallon WeekesVocals, Bass
Mike GrossVocals, Guitar
Matt GlassDrums

Note: Tracks primarily featuring the vocals & writing of Dallon Weekes are excluded, as these recordings were never released by the band.

320kbps MP3Download
1Falling DownScott Jones
2AloneScott Jones
3LucindaMike Gross
4The Cowboy SongMike Gross
5Another LoverMike Gross
6KaleeScott Jones
7Don’t FadeMike Gross
8I’d Be a PunkDallon Weekes