After The Brobecks split in 2007 Dallon relocated the band to California, recruiting some new members and working on new material to keep their foothold in the indie music scene. Over 2007 and 2008 the band would release 2 EPs teasing their upcoming album, but the album didn’t fully materialize until 2009.

This album was recorded in Casey Crescenzos basement studio over the course of a week sometime in 2008, but ultimately Dallon ran out of resources to continue working on it. This left the album in a mildly incomplete state but it was released anyways because why waste the effort. The Brobecks would then slowly fizzle out and Dallon would leave the project to become a touring member in some band I forget the name of. (temporary article, if ya can’t tell. you can tell, stop looking at me)

You guys should listen to Ima Robot would you believe they have way more extra material than The Brobecks?

Release Date: May 18th 2009
Dallon WeekesVocals, Bass, Guitar & Keys
Casey CrescenzoGuitar, Piano & Production
Drew DavidsonDrums
Darren RobinsonGuitar
Andy WildrickGuitar & Engineering
1Goodnight SocialiteDallon Weekes
2Better Than MeDallon Weekes
3Love At First SightDallon Weekes
4Second Boys Will Be First ChoiceDallon Weekes
5Small CutsDallon Weekes
6If You Like It Or NotDallon Weekes
7Le Velo Pour DeuxDallon Weekes
8I Will, TonightDallon Weekes
9Visitation Of The GhostDallon Weekes
10All Of The DrugsDallon Weekes
11Bike RideDallon Weekes
12The NerveDallon Weekes
13BoringDallon Weekes
1If You Like It Or NotDallon Weekes
2Small CutsDallon Weekes
3All Of The DrugsDallon Weekes
4Better Than MeDallon Weekes
5Love At First SightDallon Weekes
6Visitation Of The GhostDallon Weekes
7The NerveDallon Weekes
8I Will, TonightDallon Weekes
9Goodnight SocialiteDallon Weekes
10Bike RideDallon Weekes
11Le Velo Pour DeuxDallon Weekes
12Second Boys Will Be First Choice (Radio Edit)Dallon Weekes
13BoringDallon Weekes