This recording was for unknown reasons only present on the first printing of the album, CD back art for UTB lacking Lucinda on the track list exists which implies the decision to remove it was made before the band broke away from Shoshin Productions. This recording was lost media for years until an original copy of the CD was found and ripped.

Seasons change, but i’m not changing. Let me be Lucinda.
Tables turn, but I’m not turning. Let me sleep Lucinda.
And all I want (x2)
I still burn, but she’s not burning. Let me be Lucinda.
I’m a fool, but she’s not fooling. Let me sleep Lucinda.
And all I want (x2) Is to be alone (x2)
Happy times, but I’m not happy. Let me be Lucinda.
I’m alive, but this ain’t living. Let me be Lucinda.
And all I want (x2) Is to be alone (x2)

> Lucinda (2003 Demo Disc)

> Lucinda (The 4th Of JuLive)

> Lucinda (Understanding The Brobecks)

> Lucinda (JuLive Remaster)

> New Years Special (January 1st 2004)

Release:Understanding The Brobecks
Officially Released?Yes
Highest Quality:Lossless CD FLAC
Mike GrossVocals, Guitar
Dallon WeekesBass, Backing Vox
Bryan SzymanskiKeyboard
Matt GlassDrums
UTB’s track list on the earliest Brobecks site, featuring Lucinda
UTB’s track list on a later website, lacking Lucinda