This recording features both Mike and Dallon on vocals, as Dallon sings the parts that Scott did on The 4th Of JuLive version of this song. The band themselves were quite proud of this recording with Matt Glass citing it as his favorite song off the album. An official instrumental of this recording has been found, likely exported because of how happy they were with how it turned out.

Bad reception everywhere I go, misconceptions ’round my back door
Wanted to try you on, wanted to try you out
Don’t tell my mother, she might freak out
[Dallon Weekes] I was running through your drawers
[Dallon Weekes] Hoping you would not bust through that door
Sara, would it be alright? If I came to you, came to you at night
Keep it down real low, no one has to know
Could you shut those doors, while I try your clothes
[Dallon Weekes] With my brother by my side we’re finally in
[Dallon Weekes] Seen all the merchandise let us begin
The game is over now, I guess I’m done
Accusations, there’s more than one
Did I creep you out? Did I creep you in?
Please don’t hate me now, it’s who I am
[Dallon Weekes] Finally did it but we’re under arrest
[Dallon Weekes] I’m sorry friends but this was our best

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Creep You Out
Release:Understanding The Brobecks
Officially Released?Yes
Highest Quality:Lossless CD FLAC
Mike GrossVocals, Guitar
Dallon WeekesVocals, Bass
Bryan SzymanskiKeyboard
Matt GlassDrums
Casey DurransGuitar
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