“June 28th, 2005: Bryan and Matt are leaving The Brobecks. Unfortunately, Bryan and Matt will no longer be playing with The Brobecks (at least, for now) as they are pursuing other things. They left on good terms and remain friends with the rest of the band. It will be impossible to replace them, but Dallon and Mike are currently gathering a couple of people that will help keep The Brobeck name alive and they will continue playing and touring. There will be one last show for Matt and Bryan at Kilby’s 6th anniversary show on July 23rd. Say goodbye to the current Brobeck line-up and prepare for the future of The Brobecks. This is not the end of The Brobecks. It’s only the end of the first chapter.” – Brobecks.com

The Brobecks were in a bit of an awkward spot in 2005, losing half the bands lineup while finishing off some tours and sitting on new material. They quickly recruited new members Dave Chisholm and Nate leslie by July 6th and by August the band released their Self Titled EP to share the new material they were working on. After finishing up tour the band hit the studio in the 2nd week of January 2006, and by February 26th the album was completed. The band then scheduled a string of CD release shows, with the first occurring on April 15th, 2006 @ Kilby Court (Source: SLC Weekly) and another happening on April 22nd, 2006 @ The Velour Live Music Gallery. This has led to the release date being frequently cited as April 22nd over the years. (By me, I didn’t stumble on the SLC weekly archives that mention the first release shows date until right now)

When Dallon setup The Brobecks bandcamp page in 2012, he released versions of every album with only the songs he wrote & sung on them. For Goodnight, and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow Dallon couldn’t find the right cover art (and later said on facebook he never liked the original anyways), he instead used the famous Brobecks Wizard image the band used for button art. This has led to many people thinking it’s the albums actual cover art, but for archival purposes this is not considered accurate.

The band themselves have some mixed opinions on this album, they were under a lot of pressure at the time and between personal conflicts and music business stress some of them felt unsatisfied with this release, with Dallon saying on bandcamp “I’m going to be 100% honest here. I don’t like this album. I’ll spare you the reasons why, but I guess I just didn’t have my heart in it when we made it. You may like it though, I have no idea.”

Release Date: April 15th 2006
Dallon WeekesBass & Vocals
Mike GrossGuitar & Vocals
Nate LeslieDrums
Dave ChisholmKeyboard, Trumpet & Vocals
Joe ChisholmTrombone
David HallidayTenor Sax
Sara Jane MckinneyViolin & Viola
Doug WrightDouble Bass
Andy PattersonRecording, Mixing & Engineering
Tom HuttonMastering
Peter MarkowskiArtwork
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320kbps MP3Download
1Bike RideDallon Weekes
2West Of CalifoniaMike Gross
3Goodnight SocialiteDallon Weekes
4JacquiMike Gross
5Le Velo Pour DeuxDallon Weekes
6You Or A Ghost?Mike Gross
7I’ll Be Fine, ReallyDave Chisholm
8March 1Mike Gross
9I’ll Break Your ArmDallon Weekes
10City LightsMike Gross
11Sleeping PillsMike Gross
12Heartbreak Or DeathDave Chisholm