1000 West was a band founded in 1996 by Scott Jones, Dallon Weekes and Matt Glass, though the lineup would change through the years and many others were involved. They disbanded after graduating highschool and some of them went on missions, though they would later regroup with former classmate Mike Gross to form what would go on to be known as The Brobecks. This bands discography is incredibly obscure and poorly understood, this page will be updated later.

Note: This archive aims to catalogue and provide information pertaining to The Brobecks discography, not provide the music itself. Due to the majority of the bands discography no longer being available for legitimate purchase we will offer some downloads, with the following restrictions. 1) Nothing that can currently be purchased (Ex: Small Cuts EP, Violent Things) will be available, obviously. 2) Concerning things that were never publicly released by the band, nothing primarily featuring the vocals and/or writing of Dallon Weekes will be available for download unless explicit permission has been given. These rules are in place to ensure The Brobecks archive project can remain active in cooperation with band members past & present. If any issues are taken with this our contact info is in the ‘About Us’ tab, let’s talk about it.